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"(Justina Vail is) a fabulous teacher. She reminds us to take a journey—to 'keep growing and learning in the midst of impermanence and unknowing'—a lesson we often forget!"

Margie Haber is a top Hollywood acting coach and author of How To Get The Part Without Falling Apart. She teaches actors to "stop acting and live the life!"


“Justina explores the psychological, scientific, and even the spiritual aspects of truly being happy and comes up with some of the best advice I’ve ever heard on the topic. 'Happy Actor' is a must-read for every actor at any stage in their career.”
Mark Atteberry is an award winning actor, photographer and co-author of The Working Actor’s Guide to LA


"With razor sharp wit and a sensitive hand, Justina's genius approach to the business lies in a formula that is easily applied to most aspects of life. As actors, the challenges we are conditioned to view as mountainous magically diminish with each passing chapter, until we are on a pleasant journey through friendly, manageable terrain. If 'could've', 'would've', 'should've's mean anything, this book tells you that you still can. Read this book and fire your therapist!"

Alex Manette is an actor living in New York City. His film/tv credits include We Need To Talk About Kevin, Shame, 2 Days In New York, Law & Order and The West Wing.


"Justina Vail has articulated some of the best kept secrets of longevity and joy behind all great acting. There are valuable 'assists' that get to the heart of inspiring ALL important art. Her insights are hard won and spot on. I wish this book was available when I was starting out as an actor, so that I could have spent more time and energy on craft and less on choosing an appropriate anti-depressant. I am so happy that it is now in print for others to learn lessons from a true Master."

Jeffrey Marcus is a Hollywood actor and acting coach


“In 'Happy Actor' Justina Vail writes with a blend of humor and wisdom to create an inspiring, intelligent, and usefulbook. Practical and profound, educational and entertaining, it is a work that delivers on its title. This is a great book!"

M.J. (Jeff) Evans, Ph.D. is CEO of Envision Global Leadership and #1 bestselling author of Inspirational Presence: The Art of Transformational Leadership.




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